January Lesson from the Fairies

January Lesson from the Fairies

Are you one of those people who see the red flags only with 20/20 hindsight? The signs are always there, and the fairies encourage us to pay attention to them. Now, rather than after it’s too late.

It’s also easy to ask for signs to give us guidance. You can put the specific intention out there through prayer or meditation that you need help with something and would like a sign to help guide you. Just don’t ignore the evidence when presented. This goes along with trusting your gut.

If you notice something that blocks your path, it is probably a sign to change direction. If, every time you glance at a clock it shows 11:11, it’s time to do a little numerology research. If you’re pondering a decision and an applicable song comes on the radio, go with it.

The Universe has your back, and the fairy energies are endlessly working on showing us signs to help pave the way to a better life. TRUST is the virtue for this month.

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