About Us

Mission Statement:
To encourage people:
to believe in things unseen,
to spend time in nature
to discover their own truths,
to enjoy the magic around us,
to let their imagination take flight!


Tom and Joy McGuire began their retail career with a metaphysical store called Cosmic Corral located in Hanford, California. They branched out and started selling their fairies and dragons through Renaissance Faires. Now they travel full time taking their fairies along in their RV, and have just published their fairy book "How to Keep a Fairy" (available in ebook format on Amazon.com).

Joy collects fairy treasures everywhere they go, from speckled stones on the shores of Lake Superior, to tiny pine cones from the Sequoia Forests, to seashells from the Sea of Cortez, to acorns from the Ozarks. Then they send these along with each fairy purchase. Which fairy treasures will your fairy bring to you?