November Fae Folk Elf Alvine

November Elf of the Month

This little elf, Alvine, is our November Fairy of the Month.  He is a Highland Elf and his element is Air.

Alvine is shown sitting atop his bountiful yet fairy-sized harvest of squash.

fae folk elf with garden harvest

He loves stargazing at night and says, “My favorite game is playing leapfrog with tree frogs." He is an adventurous elf and has been known to climb to the tops of cattails when the wind is rustling the leaves just to pretend he’s flying.

Being of the Air element, he is also a quiet thinker, and other fairies come to him for advice. Look for him around bodies of lakes – especially those in the high elevations.

As Fall turns to Winter and our thoughts are on family and friends, harvests, and upcoming celebrations, all of the wee Fae Folk® wish you a splendid November.

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