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Fae Folk® Fairies - SABRINA

Fae Folk® Fairies - SABRINA

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Enchanted 5" Handmade Witch Doll Delights

These soft fairy figurines are perfect gifts for witch lovers of all ages, or a great way to treat yourself to a little bit of magic.

Each collectible doll is named and comes with a story tag. One side of the tag says, "We Fae Folk are tiny, but magical too. Take us into your home to watch over you." And gives you its name. The other side of the tag says something about its personality.

This one says, "My name is Sabrina and I’m a Witch Fairy. My element is Earth. My favorite thing is to fly during full moons and I love helping with kitchen recipes."

Each ornamental witch fairy comes boxed with a metal leaf to stand on as they have magical magnets in their tiny shoes. They are bendable so they can sit as well, and posable with the wiring in their arms and legs. They also come with a golden thread attached to their backs so they can hang as ornaments. The witch fairies bring along their own crystal balls and come with a detachable broom.

These witch fairy dolls are not designed to be used as toys. They are supplied as collectables and while they may withstand some gentle play they are not tested as a toy product and should not be given to very young children.

  • Lovingly handcrafted in Thailand
  • Their heads are the size of a dime.
  • They are for indoor use only.
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