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Fairy Garden Kit with 9 unique items

Fairy Garden Kit with 9 unique items

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Contains Detailed Resin Fairy Door & Sign

This fairy garden kit lets you easily turn any small area into a haven for fairies. Works well indoors or outside; in a container, or straight on the ground.
Included is everything shown except for container & filler. Contains:
   * 5" detailed resin fairy door (style may vary - see pictures)
   * 4.5" detailed resin fairy sign (style may vary - see pictures)
   * lamp post
   * gravel pathway
   * 2 pieces of bendable fencing
   * 6 flat stepping stones
   * 3 stackable white rocks
   * wooden disk bridge/walkway
   * various bits of dried and preserved mosses
Let your imagination take flight - and design your garden as you please. There is no wrong way! The wee folk will love it.

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