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Fairy Tales Book - Find the Beauty

Fairy Tales Book - Find the Beauty

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Follow along with these fairies throughout time as they try to keep their message alive: Find the Beauty, Feel the Love.

For the Fae Folk believe that beauty is the physical manifestation of pure love, and that the world would be a better place if more humans could appreciate the magical beauty that surrounds us all.

This versatile book is good for being read to young ones, or as a first-reader chapter book, or a simple read on a lazy day by those young at heart. At the end of each tale are questions designed to spark discussions with others or thoughts to ponder for yourself.

Unlike the frightening fairytales of bygone days, these three fairytales are family friendly, with much needed positive messages for today’s times.

This 50 page paperback book is also for sale in e-book format at 

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