Fairy Book - How to Keep a Fairy

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Whether for a child you know or the child inside of you, this book will make a wonderful gift for the imagination.

Perhaps you have already discovered fairies, or maybe you're still looking. Either way, this book will help you with your interactions and understanding of fairies. It will guide you through the process of finding, housing, and communicating with a fairy.

In the pages of this whimsical book, it is hoped that an interest will be sparked for getting out in nature and discovering for yourself what is real.

It is a perfect companion book for owners of Fae Folk® Fairies and it will guide adults on how to have fun with them, such as hiding buttons for the fairies to find, or making a trail of sequins to show where they have been.

This 66 page softcover book is also for sale in e-book format at Amazon.com 

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