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Fairy Lessons Book - How to Live Like a Fairy

Fairy Lessons Book - How to Live Like a Fairy

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Life Lessons from the Fairy Realm

36 Daily Inspirations in a Whimsical Fairy Book of Wisdom

Who better to impart self-help lessons on life than a Fairy? After all, they have inhabited our world much longer than we have!

Each page offers a positive affirmation on one side and a nugget of related wisdom on the other.  This enchanting book contains sparkling gems of advice that are relevant in today's world, such as embracing our uniqueness and cherishing diversity.

There is also advice about taking care of nature and recognizing the beauty that surrounds us. It is from the Fairies after all!

This book's large print and succinct text make it easy to read.  The colorful illustrations are sure to capture the attention of readers of all ages, and can spark imagination and encourage discussions about the importance of respecting nature or embracing differences.

This family-friendly book makes a delightful gift for graduations, birthdays, earth-day, or just to show you care about the fairy lovers in your life - including you!

Let these Fairies be your guide and watch the magic that unfolds in your life.

This 78 page book is also for sale in Hardcover format at 

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